Year 1

Welcome to Summer Term in Year 1!

Scarlet Class is a Year 1 class of 30 fabulous children with Mr Blyth as their teacher. Crimson Class is a Year 1 class of 30 equally fabulous children with Ms McLeish as their teacher. We now also have Mrs Cowdrith on our team, working in both classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as a great team of teaching assistants.

In Year 1 we work hard to be kind to each other, respecting our differences and sharing a great learning journey together!

Our topic for the Summer 1 is “Stones and Bones”.  We will be investigating fossils, learning what they are and how they are formed, thinking about the passage of time and sequencing events on timelines. We will also be delving into the life of Mary Anning, a pioneering palaeontologist and fossil collector, learning about the impact of her discoveries on scientists today. The children will be provided with opportunities to have experiential and inquiry based learning, becoming palaeontologists and conducting  investigations and experiments.

In Maths, we will explore teen numbers and use our knowledge of numbers to ten to help us add and subtract numbers to twenty. We will continue to explore odd and even numbers and start to recognise the value of the digits in two-digit numbers. We will measure and estimate using standard and non-standard measures and we will start counting groups as a step towards understanding multiplication and times tables. We will also start to learn more about money and the value of different coins.

In English, we will be using the texts Stone Girl Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt and The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson to inspire our writing, writing diary entries and descriptions. We will also be writing information texts about Mary Anning. 

In Science, we will investigate the properties of materials in order to identify different materials and subsequently sort them. Children will suggest how to test an idea and say what the results of the test are; identify and name many common, everyday materials;  be able to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made;  be able to describe the simple properties of a variety of everyday materials;  be able to compare and group materials on the basis of their physical properties.

As sports people, we will start learning how to play cricket, working with a specialist coach, Cricket Steve, on skills of throwing, catching, batting and bowling. We will also develop our dance skills, by creating and performing a weather dance, focusing on sequencing and matching movements to percussion sounds.


The phonics screening test will happen later in the summer, for now we will keep on practising using phonics to help us become fabulous fluent readers and writers.

General Information

In Year 1 we love reading and try to read as much as possible. We encourage parents to read regularly with children and to record this in their reading record book. Children should bring home two texts: one phonically decodable text from the Floppy’s Phonics scheme (selected by their teacher) and at least one reading for pleasure text selected by child to read with parents to enjoy reading and discussing with a parent. They will also bring home another book from their weekly library visit. We change books regularly so please remember to bring your book bag every day.

Crimson and Scarlet Class PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays .  The children will be changing into PE kits in school so please ensure that your child has a kit in school at all times.  PE kit consists of: navy blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt, navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan, and trainers.  No jewellery please!

Please provide your child with their own water bottle daily. This is especially important for PE days, so that we stay healthy and hydrated!  This should be named and brought home daily for cleaning. Also, as the weather heats up please ensure your child has sun screen applied before they come to school as well as a bottle to keep in their tray if needed.

If you have any questions about school, please contact the Office by phone, email or in person, or come and find us!

Useful Information

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