Starting School

Going to school for the first time is a big step in the life of a child, and for his or her family. We invite parents and children to visit Reception several times before they start to familiarise themselves with the school and the teachers. We also make home visits to establish a secure partnership between parents and the school. We try to ensure that the settling in period is as smooth as possible for all concerned. Children initially attend part time, making a gradual transition to full time attendance over the first few weeks, with the needs of the children as our priority. However, we realise that this can cause difficulties for some families and we try to meet individual needs whenever possible.

Children starting school in classes other than Reception will be made very welcome. Parents are welcome to visit the school with their child prior to admission. When your child starts school other children will show them around the classroom and act as mentors while they are settling in.

Children who move from a different school will no doubt find that systems are different, especially if they are moving from a different country. Please encourage your child to ask if there is anything they don’t understand. Teachers are happy to talk to parents, to answer questions and deal with any problems that may arise.