Admission Procedures

The school usually admits children to our reception classes at the beginning of the school year in which they are five. The admissions procedure is administered centrally by the Admissions team at the County Concil, and places are allocated according to the following criteria:

  1. Children in Care, also known as Looked After Children (LAC).
  2. Children living in the catchment area with a sibling at the school at the time of admission.
  3. Children living in the catchment area.
  4. Children living outside the catchment area who have a sibling at the school at the time of admission.
  5. Children living outside the catchment area who have been unable to gain a place at their catchment area school because of oversubscription.
  6. Children living outside the catchment area but nearest the school as measured by a straight line.

In cases of equal merit, priority will go to children living nearest the school, according to the shortest straight line distance.

For reception admissions for September 2021 the local authority will be accepting applications until 15th January 2021 and offers of places will be sent out on 16th April 2021.  A second round of allocations will also be made on 18th May 2021.  Any late applications made after 30th April 2021 are processed in date order until 31st August 2021.  Further information about late applications can be found here

There are usually some places available for children who live outside the catchment area, but the number varies from year to year.

Should you be unable to secure a place at the school you can appeal by contacting the Admissions Team  at 0345 045 1370 or by emailing them on

Families moving to Cambridge on a temporary basis from outside the U.K. must also contact the Admissions Office to determine whether their children can be offered a place at Morley.  A enquiry form is available here

For more information on admission procedures and a streetwise index on school catchment areas please refer to Cambridgeshire County Council’s school applications webpages.

Upon accepting a place at Morley you will be invited to complete the school admission form. For details on how we process you child’s data please see our Privacy notice (Pupils) – Morley Memorial.