Recovery Premium

Recovery Premium is part of  a package of funding aimed at supporting pupils whose education has been disproprtionately impacted by COVID-19.

It is focused on pupils who are eligible for pupil premium but can be used to benefit pupils beyond this group who without additional support may be in danger of falling behind their peers as a result of the pandemic.

This year we were funded for 61 pupils at £145 per pupil, receiving £8,845 in total to deliver our recovery support.

Drawing upon the evidence of what works best, including guidance from the Education Endowment Fund we have used this funding, alongside additional funding from the school budget to provide small group or one to one tuition.

We have used the funding to enable us to release experienced classteachers to deliver these tuition sessions becuase we believe that our most vulnerable pupils would gain most benefit from working with our own, experienced teachers who know them and their needs the best.

We expect the funding to continue into 2023/24