Clothing and PE Kit

We do not currently have a school uniform at  Morley although we do expect all children to be dressed appropriately for both the weather and a school environment. Clothing should be practical and sensible so that children can participate in the full range of activities safely and in comfort eg: footwear suitable for active play (no flip flops or high heels please!).

It would help enormously if you could:

  • name items of clothing that are likely to be removed, especially coats and jumpers
  • dress children in clothing suitable for school, and for the time of year.
  • make sure your child has a coat and suitable shoes for playing outside, i.e., flat shoes suitable for running
  • ensure young children have clothing with suitable fastenings so that they can get changed easily for Physical Education (P.E.).

Each child should be provided with the necessary clothing for Physical Education. Please see here PE Kit This will vary according to the age of the child and the time of year. Further information can be obtained from your child’s class teacher. P.E. clothing should be brought into school and can be stored in a named drawstring bag  on a peg in the cloakroom.

As we approach warmer months please follow our sunsafe guidance and ensure that your child is wearing long-lasting sunscreen and  has:

  •  a hat and or sunglasses
  •  clothing which covers arms, shoulders and areas particularly susceptible to sunburn

Lost Property

Lost property can be retrieved from the rail and boxes in the main foyer. Any unclaimed property will be disposed of at the end of each half term. Although we will do our best to help children look after their belongings, the school cannot accept responsibility for articles lost on the premises.