Our Vision

Our Vision

We are committed to providing a rich and engaging creative curriculum and excellent teaching which challenges and inspires all of our children. We believe the role of every adult in school is to contribute to raising achievement, enabling all children to achieve the highest standards and make excellent progress. We seek to equip our children with the knowledge, skills and personal attributes to take advantage of opportunities and rise to the challenges which their future may present.

Our Learners

To achieve the vision we have focussed on developing learning dispositions across ALL of our learners.

Our learning dispositions are the habits of thinking we need to develop in order to be good learners. These habits shape how we think and respond in certain situations. They can be nurtured and they can change over time. They also affect the experience of each learner and those around them.

  •  reflection – being able to learn from what has happened before
  • collaboration – being able to work together
  • resilience – being able to keep trying when learning is hard
  • curiosity – being keen to learn and find out more
  • courage – being bold and brave
  • motivation – wanting to work hard to do a good job

Using high quality texts allows our learners to explore the learning dispositions through story as well as making connections with personal experience.


Our Strategic Goals  2017-2021 – Extended to 2023 due to COVID disruption

Our ambition for the school over this period is:

  • For all children to make great progress across the full range of subject areas.
  • For all pupils to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to allow them take advantages of their future opportunities.
  • To improve the learning environment by upgrading facilities and resources
  • To establish new systems for recruiting, developing and retaining a high performing team.
  • To continue to develop a creative curriculum and provide increased opportunities for high quality project based learning.
  • To develop partnerships which benefit the school and others