Year 5

Welcome to Spring 1 and 2, 23-24!

Indigo Class are taught by Ms Hutchinson and Amethyst Class are taught by Ms Griffiths. Both classes are assisted by Mrs Covington and Ms Dennis. 

Year 5 should arrive at the main gates at 8.40 and be collected at 3.15. Year 5 children can walk home alone if they have written permission from their parents or carers.


Indigo and Amethyst’s P.E days are Monday (Swimming) and Tuesday (outdoor PE). 

For Swimming, children need a costume, towel, hat and goggles. This is PE kit.

If your child does not have a PE kit, they cannot partake in PE. Please contact Ms Hutchinson or Ms Griffiths via the school office if you are having difficulties finding a PE kit.

If your child has earrings which cannot be taken out, they MUST come to school with tape.

Homework is set on Friday and due by Wednesday of the following week. To ensure children can remember these, children should practise spellings on SpellingFrame and Timestables on TTRockstars for short periods at least 3 times a week.

This Spring 1 and 2, we will be asking: ‘Were the Viking Vicious?’

The Vikings in England (Or were they Danes?)

Children will use the following key vocab:

Key Concept Words: 

Migration, Invasion, Trade, Culture

Key Topic Vocabulary

Anglo-Saxon, Danelaw, Longboat, Invaders, Myths, Pagan, Christianity, Etymology, Danes, Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Children will be able to:
Explain where the Vikings came from and where, how, when and why they invaded.
Use primary sources to explain how Historians know about aspects of Viking life.
Explain the effect the Vikings had on Britain: place names and the Danelaw, considering whether they deserve their bad reputation, considering dynamics of power during this period, violent and non-violent interactions between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, migration, invasion and trade.

We will also learn:

  • Calculating with decimal fractions and factors/primes in Maths.
  • Writing a variety of different text types, considering tone and accuracy as we practise spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Children must continue to read the books they enjoy, everyday, at home, to themselves or to an adult. They should write in their own reading records, and use their ‘Reciprocal Reading’ bookmarks to help them. Adults must sign this to stay updated with children’s reading, and ask further questions to deepen understanding.

If you would like to contact either Ms Hutchinson or Ms Griffiths, please do so via the school office.

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