Year 5

Welcome to Summer Term, 2022!

Indigo Class are taught by Mr Wells and Amethyst Class are taught by Ms Hutchinson. Both classes are assisted by Ms Coxall, Ms Morris and Mr Geen.

Year 5 should arrive at the main gates at 8.45 and be collected at 3.10. Year 5 children can walk home alone if they have written permission from their parents or carers.


Indigo’s P.E days are Monday (Outdoor) and Thursday (Outdoor PE)

Amethyst’s P.E days are Monday (Outdoor) and Thursday (Outdoor PE) 

Please arrive at school on Mondays and Thursdays in your named PE kit, no jewellery. If your child has earrings which they cannot take out, they MUST bring tape into school.

Please hand in homework by Wednesday of the following week. New homework will be handed out on Friday, in paper and in google classroom form.


This term, we will be asking ‘Is the Amazon indispensable?

9 Rainforest Facts Everyone Should Know | Rainforest Alliance

This is a Geography and Science unit. We will aim to:

  • Use atlases effectively, including to identify climate zones.
  • Locate the world’s countries using maps with a focus on South America, and be aware of key physical and human characteristics.
  • Identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Alongside our Science and Geography focuses, we will also explore:

  • Shape, Angles and Measurement in Maths
  • Writing for tone in English, based on the book ‘The Neverbelieve’ by Norman Messenger.
  • Food production and design in DT
  • Our bodies and health in PSHE

and continue to predict, infer and summarise in Reading. Children must continue to read the books they enjoy, everyday, at home, to themselves or to an adult.

Please remember to go onto TT Rockstars and Spelling Frame to continue practising at home.

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