Year 5

Welcome to Autumn 1, 23-24!

Indigo Class are taught by Ms Hutchinson and Amethyst Class are taught by Ms Griffiths. Both classes are assisted by Mr Gill and Ms Dennis. 

Year 5 should arrive at the main gates at 8.40 and be collected at 3.15. Year 5 children can walk home alone if they have written permission from their parents or carers.


Indigo and Amethyst’s P.E days are Monday (Indoor PE) and Tuesday (Outdoor).

On both days, children wear PE kit into school and bring in normal clothes to get changed into after.

If your child does not have a PE kit, they cannot partake in PE. Please contact Ms Hutchinson or Ms Griffiths via the school office if you are having difficulties finding a PE kit.

If your child has earrings which cannot be taken out, they MUST come to school with tape.

Homework is set on Friday and due by Wednesday of the following week. To ensure children can remember these, children should practise spellings on SpellingFrame and Timestables on TTRockstars for short periods at least 3 times a week.

This term we start with a mini-unit, asking ‘How were Civil Rights fought for in Britain?’

Bus and black civil rights campaignersA plaque at Bristol Bus Station commemorates the little-known Bristol boycott.

Children will know:

  • Paul Stephenson, Roy Hackett, Owen Henry, Guy Bailey, Prince Brown and Audley Evans were the organisers of the Bristol Bus Boycott
  • Raghbir Singh was the first non-White Bus Conductor in Bristol. Norman Samuels was the first Black Bus Driver in Bristol.
  • that the Civil Rights movement happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s 
  • the important events in the civil rights movement and put them in the right order.
  • that the Bristol Bus Boycott started the campaign for racial equality in Britain that continues today
  • Child will also compare society in the 1950/60’s and now, using evidence to back up my thoughts


In English and Art, we will be reading ‘Tar Beach’ by Faith Ringgold.

Tar Beach #2 - Faith Ringgold — Google Arts & Culture

Alongside our History and Art focus, we will also learn:

  • Decimals and Money in Maths.
  • Recapping key Year 4 skills in writing to ensure our work is engaging, accurate and cohesive.
  • Thinking and Working like a scientist.

Children must continue to read the books they enjoy, everyday, at home, to themselves or to an adult. They should write in their own reading records, and use their ‘Reciprocal Reading’ bookmarks to help them. Adults must sign this to stay updated with children’s reading, and ask further questions to deepen understanding.

If you would like to contact either Ms Hutchinson or Ms Griffiths, please do so via the school office.

Useful links and documents for parents

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