Wraparound Care

Spectrum – Our Wraparound Care Provider


A Registration Form must be completed for children to attend “Spectrum” After School Club, “Dawn Diners” Breakfast Club or “Morley Holiday Club”.

We ask you to update your registration annually, to ensure that the contact information we hold for you is easier to keep up to date and is more accessible to us when needed. Registered users will be contacted regarding this during the July/August break.

If you have any difficulties, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

We like to meet parents (and children) before they are booked into our care, so please feel free to drop by at any time to meet the team!. If you have any further questions please feel free to pop in and speak to a member of staff or email us.


We are currently fully subscribed at our After-School Club, and operating a waiting list for new applicants. Unfortunately, the list is extensive, and we are unlikely to be able to offer you any permanent slots in the coming year. Please visit Cambridgeshire County Councils Childcare Information Website  and check the Directory that may offer alternative solutions. Family Information Directory.

We do currently have some space available at our Breakfast Club, and normally have places available during School Holidays.


Once registered, Bookings can be made simply by contacting the club directly via e-mail (spectrum@morley.cambs.sch.uk ), telephone (508786 ext 4), or please feel free to drop by in person during club hours. A “Regular Booking” is for when the same pattern of attendance is required every week for an ongoing period of time. This constitutes an indefinite booking until you contact us to cancel it.


It is crucial to the club that we know which children are attending each day, so please notify staff of all cancellations. This can be done over the phone, in person or in writing. You will be refunded for term-time cancellations if they are made with 4 weeks’ notice, to a maximum of 5 sessions per child per school year. Following 5 refundable cancellations, where places are being cancelled on a regular basis or regularly being paid for but not used the club reserves the right to discontinue the booking and offer the regular slot to another child on the waiting list. Due to the alarm and admin created when the club has to locate ‘missing children’, a non-cancellation charge of £5 will be incurred if Spectrum is not aware in advance that a child will not be attending an after-school session. We are also happy to take children for “Ad-Hoc Bookings”, for occasional, infrequent of emergency bookings.

Holiday Club Cancellations are slightly different, in order for us to ensure appropriate staffing outside of the school term. Please check these when booking Holiday Club sessions.

Please ensure you have read our Welcome Pack  before making a booking to ensure you have understand our booking and cancellation policies.


We are covered by the Policies of Morley Memorial Primary School. Club specific information is available upon registration.  


Further information will be provided upon Registration – Please contact the club for more details.

Balances are provided by email at the end of each month and payment must be made within one week.

Where We Are

Breakfast Club, After School Club and Morley Holiday Club are situated in the “Activity Hall”, the new annex to the main school hall. Follow the path along the staff car park to the white building at the rear of the school and enter the club via the white door.

Our clubs

All our clubs operate a “free-play ethos” whereby the children are encouraged to choose their own activities. We are guided by the Playwork Principles as well as the ethos of Morley Memorial Primary School.

Dawn Diners – our Breakfast Club

Dawn Diners opens daily from 0730. This is a good solution for those needing to get to work early. Children are able to choose from a selection of breakfast items throughout the session. Breakfast varies from day to day, but we normally have Cereal and Toast as a minimum offering.

The children are free to play as they wish until the school day starts.

Shortly before the start of the school day, the children gather their things and then head to their classrooms. Early Years are taken to their classroom by a member of staff.

Spectrum – our after-school club

Spectrum After School Club is open straight after school, and parents are welcome to collect at any point before the club closes at 1800.

Children in the Early Years are collected by members of Spectrum staff and escorted to the main club room. Older children make their own way to the After School Club room (and are rounded up if they don’t arrive swiftly). Parents of children in Key Stage 1 (EY, Yr1, Yr2) are asked to let the class teacher know that the child will be attending After School Club.

The children are then free to enjoy themselves! We encourage free play and allow the children to choose what they would like to do rather than expecting them to stick to a timetable of activities. We have lots of things to do in the club including plenty of outdoor play equipment as well as indoor games, board games and lots of craft resources for the kids to make and create what they wish. All the activities and resources are available in the club at all times as far as is practical. If a child needs help or needs encouragement to play or to get the most out of their time, there are plenty of adults who will be more than happy to help them.

We ask parents to provide a snack for their children, which we stop to eat around 1600. We ask that parents send something healthy and substantial enough to keep their children going whilst they’re with us, but perhaps not to replace an evening meal if you’re likely to want to eat as a family once you get home! We also ask that parents do not send snacks containing common allergens such as Nuts and Seeds, as a number of children in the school have allergies and intolerances.

Holiday Club / Training Days

On school training days, the club is open all day from 0800 until 1800. Half-day sessions are also available, with collection or drop-off before/after 1300. A schedule of adult-led play is circulated to parents ahead of each Holiday, as a guide to the types of activities that the kids may wish to try. Unlike the other clubs, we book each Holiday Club in turn, and encourage “Early-Bird Booking” with a discounted rate. Our canteen isn’t open during the School Holidays so we ask families to provide packed lunches from home, and snacks for the morning (around 1030) and during the afternoon (around 1530). Again, out of consideration to other club users, please no common allergens such as Nuts or Seeds.