Our Culture and Values – Have your Say

Four years ago we asked staff, governors and parents about the values they believed should underpin everything we do at Morley. We found that there was a great deal of agreement about what everyone thought was important. After a lot of discussion, we summed up the six values that seemed to best represent our collective view.

These values were: respect, creativity, including everyone, learning, relationships, community.

Since completing this exercise, many new children, parents, governors and members of staff have joined our school. We want to make sure that our values reflect the views of our current school community. Therefore, over the next few months we will be asking pupils, parents, staff and governors what they think about our values and whether they need to be revised.

At parents evening this week, governors will be asking all parents to give their opinion on our school values and pick their “Top 3”. We will also be asking you if you think there are any others that should be included. It shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes of your time but it will help shape Morley’s future.

We are also looking for parents to take part in a focus group where we can discuss in more detail the kind of values parents think should underpin everything Morley does. It should only take about an hour and we can offer a cup of tea and cake. If you are interested in taking part in these discussions, email the governors at chair@morley.cambs.sch.uk or sign up at the parents evening.

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