Year 5

Year 5

Indigo class are taught by Mrs Remington Davidson and Amethyst are taught by Mr Hill. Both classes are assisted by Miss Camper.

Year 5s should arrive at 8.50 and be collected at 3.05. Year 5 children can walk home alone if they have written permission from their parents or carers.

Both classes’ Outdoor PE day is Monday – please arrive at school in your named PE kit. Indoor PE is on a Friday.

Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement

This term we’re tackling the big question ‘Did Martin Luther King’s dream come true?’ We’ve begun learning about the different treatment people received during this time period and asked tricky questions about why that happened. 

What does the word ‘segregation’ mean?

Who was Rosa Parks? Why is she famous?


In Maths, we are reviewing our work on fractions and multiplication and beginning to look at decimals to different decimal places, comparing, ordering and understanding their value.

In Art and history we’re asking:

Can you combine visual and tactile qualities to express mood and emotion?

Can you experiment with different styles which artists have used? 

Can you make comparisons between historical periods; explaining things that have changed and things which have stayed the same? 

Can you describe historical events from the different period/s they have studied?

Can you appreciate that significant events in history have helped shape the country we have today?

We have enjoyed a whole day of both Geography and Science, investigating a wide range of topics:

What are human / physical features?

What are biomes and continents?

What are the cities in the UK called and where are they?

Where are we compared to other countries?

What are thermal and electrical insulators and how can we investigate them?

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