Year 4

The Year 4 Classes are taught by Mr Brown, Ms. Kowalska and Miss Bell and our brilliant TA Ms Sullivan

This year we are going to have many adventures to help us learn, from travelling through Africa to journeying through the human body!

Year 4 will be learning about the Historical Kingdom of Benin this half term. They will draw comparisons between British and Nigerian history as well as thinking about the difference between the leaders of the nations and gain an understanding of the chronological order of the events in Benin and contrast these to events in Europe. When learning about the fall of Benin, we will be asking thoughtful questions about the attitude of historical Britain and consider how this has changed. As well as this we will also consider the validity of oral story telling as a medium to share historical knowledge and question how we “know” what we know about the past.

We are looking forward to a very exciting term!


Homework tasks are provided a Friday, where appropriate and should be completed by the following Tuesday

PE takes place every Thursday and Friday outside, please send your child wearing their PE kit to school on these days.


French lessons take place every Thursday.

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