Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 Classes are taught by Mr Brown, Ms. Kowalska and Miss Bell and our brilliant TA’s Ms Sullivan and Ms Cooper.

This year we are going to have many adventures to help us learn, from travelling through Africa to journeying through the human body!

In the Summer term, Year 4 will be following the journey of our food from top to bottom through the digestive system.  Children will be amazed at what you can make with biscuits, banana, orange juice and a pair of tights!  Continuing the food theme, children will discover the work of Renaissance artist, Guiseppe Arcimboldo, and explore texture and collage when creating their own portraits; while in DT they will design and make an instantly recognisable (and healthy) salad!



In English we will be writing explanations, poetry and instructions and in Maths continuing our focus on decimals, money and time before moving on to geometry later in the term.


As the academic year draws to a close we will be travelling back in time to discover what enabled our distant ancestors to survive and thrive in Neolithic times, developing our understanding of what happens when you flick a light-switch and participating in a great Young Engineers project… so much to learn and so little time!


Homework tasks are provided a Friday, where appropriate and should be completed by the following Tuesday

PE takes place every Wednesday and Thursday, please send your child wearing their PE kit to school on these days.


French lessons take place weekly and cover basic phrases and vocabulary: days and months, How old are you and when is your birthday?; colours and shapes and basic position words; basic parts of the body, and family vocabulary – Do you have a brother or sister?

Important Information for Year 4

Y4 Long Term Plan Overview 2020-21

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Year 4 Maths Assessment Statements

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