Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 is composed of Topaz class taught by Mr Hanson, and Turquoise class taught by Ms Proctor and Ms Bowler. We also have a fantastic teaching assistant called Ms Sullivan who works with us every morning to support learning across Year 3.

Our topic during the second half of the Spring half-term is Ancient Civilisations (Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Shang Dynasty). Our key question is: How did civilisation begin?

We will be learning about the myths of the Shang Dynasty, including how the Shang believed humans first came to use fire. Pupils will write their own version of the myth set during the time of the Shang Dynasty  and then adapt it into a play script.

In History we will be learning about Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Shang Dynasty. We will discover how the first civilisations came to be and how their geographical location helped them. We will also learn about archaeologists and consider how they use artefacts to learn about ancient civilisations.

We encourage children to drink throughout the day. Your child can bring a named water bottle to keep by the sink.

Throughout the week we work independently, with a learning partner, with a reading buddy and in groups. These parings and groups change throughout the year so that everybody gets the opportunity to work with a variety of classmates.

In Year 3 we love reading and we try to read as much as possible. We encourage parents to read regularly with their children and to record this in their child’s reading diary. Children may also record their own independent reading in their reading diary.

Some children have colour banded books and others are free readers. A varied choice of home / class reading books are found in the class libraries and can be changed as often as necessary by children themselves during daily guided reading time. We expect children to keep their book safely in their book bag when it is not being read and bring their book bags to school every day.

On Mondays, Topaz class gets time to explore and enjoy the school library and its numerous books. On Tuesdays Turquoise class have their turn. In this session children can choose 1 book to borrow from the library and this book can be returned the following Monday or can be kept for a fortnight.  Please keep this book in your child’s book bag when it is not being read to help prevent it being mislaid, thank you.

On Thursday morning we learn French with Mme Jarry,  a specialist language teacher.

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Our PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor). It is often easiest for PE kits to remain in school throughout the half term, preventing disappointment and inconvenience. We require children to wear navy shorts and a white T-shirt. As the weather gets cooler, navy jogging trousers and a navy sweatshirt may be worn. Long hair should be tied back and earring either not worn or taped. Trainers or plimsolls are needed on outdoor PE days.

Year 3 is determined to be the best, to take responsibility for our learning and behaviour, and to have fun whilst learning!


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