School Day Times

The School Day

School officially starts at 9.00am, by which time we expect all children to be in their classrooms ready to start the day. However, children are allowed into class from 8.40am. At this time, staff are preparing for the day and welcoming the children so, unless it’s a very quick message, please arrange to talk to them at another time. Very occasionally, teachers may not be in their room at 8.40am, in these instances, we would ask that you do not leave your child unattended in the room.

School timetable
Arrival 8:40-8:50am
Register 9:00am
Morning play 10:30-10:45am
Lunchtime 11.45am-12.45pm (Infants), 12.00-1.00pm (Juniors)
Afternoon play 1:45-2:00pm (Infants)
Day End (pick-up time) 3:15pm

Drop-off and pick-up

In order to facilitate movement around the school we do ask all parents to bring and collect children via the designated entrances. If you do bring your child earlier than 8.40am, we ask that you remain with them, alternatively, please consider using our Breakfast Club which opens at 7.30am.

Assemblies and Collective Worship

All schools have a statutory requirement to meet for a ‘daily act of collective worship’; this is usually known as Assembly. Worship at Morley means a reflection or contemplation, and takes place in a variety of groupings; whole school, Key Stage, phase and class groups.

The subject matter is broadly Christian in character but also draws on stories and ideas from other faiths. We try to ensure that assemblies are conducted so that all children may take part without compromising their personal beliefs. Sometimes issues raised in a large group are followed up in a more appropriate way back in the classroom. Sources for collective worship may include:

  • Celebration of world festivals
  • Stories from different faiths
  • Celebration of achievements of groups & individuals both in & out of school.
  • Picture books with a message
  • Environmental Issues
  • Stories about human issues e.g., freedom, justice, kindness
  • Issues that have arisen in school e.g., anti-bullying, behaviour & concern for others

Parents not wishing their child to attend Assembly can exercise their right to withdraw their child, on written application to the Headteacher.