Sapphire class

Welcome to Sapphire Class!

Sapphire is a fantastic Year 4 class taught by Miss Dalby, with the help of our wonderful TAs Sarah, Kathy and Belinda.

This year we are going to have many adventures to help us learn, from travelling through Africa to journeying through the human body!


This half term we are going back in time to explore the history of Antarctica and the exciting race that took place between Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen.

For our WOW day, we created our own mini shelter and compared which would give Scott the most shelter in the harsh Antarctic climate.

In English, we are researching the race to the South Pole using a broad variety of sources.  We are also writing our own diary entry as Scott and describing the beautiful landscape of the driest continent on Earth through a variety of literary techniques. In Maths we are continueing our work through our new mastery based curriculum and learning about multiplication tables and measurements. In Design and Technology we are studying sowing and comparing materials appropriate for Scott and Amundsen’s journey. In Geography we are studying grid references and compasses, also we are discussing how the environment of Antarctic is changing and evaluating the different reasons for this. In Science our focus is collecting and evaluating information, alongside evaporation and the different states of matter.


Children are also taking part in an independent learning walk at the Scott Polar Museum! Where children can research the original clothes and tools that Scott took on his voyage.


The Outdoor P.E focus is hockey, and in Indoor P.E we are moving gracefully through gymnastic balances.


This year, there is a  Homework Menu from which children can choose a Maths and English task to complete each week. The children can decide which one they would prefer to do that week, and they can be done in any order. The children will also receive weekly spelling homework.

Homework is given out on a Friday, and is due back on a Tuesday.


French lessons take place every Wednesday.


Outdoor PE every Tuesday afternoon

Indoor PE every Wednesday morning.