Sapphire class

Welcome to Sapphire Class!

Sapphire is a fantastic Year 4 class taught by Miss Dalby, with the help of our wonderful TAs Sarah, Simon and Belinda.

This year we are going to have many adventures to help us learn, travelling through Africa, Antarctica, and even the human body!

This half term will see Year 4 studying The Stone Age and answering the question “How did the use of tools improve life for our ancestors?”

In Maths we will be continuing our work with the White Rose Maths Hub and solving mathematical word problems by applying our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to word problems. In English we will be describing our very own Stone Age man and falling through a garden shed into Stone Age times. In Science we will be showing off what bright sparks we are in exciting, electrical lessons. We will be creating electrical circuits and identifying recording our findings scientifically. In Computing we will be creating python code using the Scratch compute program and debugging our creations. In History we are discovering what Stone Age life was like and investigating the secrets behind Stonehenge.

 We are looking forward to our exciting final Year 4 term!


This year, there is a  Homework Menu from which children can choose a Maths and English task to complete each week. The children can decide which one they would prefer to do that week, and they can be done in any order. The children will also receive weekly spelling homework.

Homework is given out on a Friday, and is due back on a Tuesday.


French lessons take place every Tuesday.


Outdoor PE every Tuesday afternoon

Indoor PE every Wednesday morning.