Meet The Governors

The school is a community school and it reconstituted in line with statutory guidelines on 5th January 2015.

The full governing body meets five or six times a year. In addition, sub-committees meet regularly to focus on specific issues. There are four sub-committees:

  • a Resources Committee which deals with finance, premises and personnel matters
  • a Learning Committee which deals with matters related to teaching, learning and behaviour
  • a Performance Management Committee which monitors the appraisal of staff and undertakes the appraisal of the head-teacher.
  • a Salary Review Committee that deals with issues around pay.

Click here to find out more information about the role of the governing body, what happens in each committee and for minutes of meetings.

The governing body is made up of up to 15 governors.

  • 2 elected parent governors
  • 1 LA governor
  • 1 headteacher
  • 1 elected staff governor
  • 10 co-opted governors (of which up to 3 could be members of staff).

The term of office of all governors (other than the headteacher) is four years.

We currently have vacancies for one parent governor, three co-opted governors and one local authority governor.

NameType of GovernorAppointing Body Date of Initial AppointmentCurrent term of officeCommitteesResponsibilities
Philip ColliganCo-optedGoverning Body19.01.1501.01.19  -31.12.22 Chair of Governors, Parental Questionnaire
Nikki BrownHead teacherEx-officion/an/aAll 
Tom KnowlesCo-optedGoverning Body22.11.1822.11.18 -21.11.22LearningSafeguarding, Data
Jack PullenStaff       Election22.11.1822.11.18 -21.11.22LearningData
Jonathan GorrieCo-optedGoverning Body10.06.1610.06.20 -09.06.24Resources, Performance Management and Salary ReviewVice-Chair of Governors, Chair of the Performance Management and Salary Review Committees, Finance, Pupil Premium
Ruth KershnerCo-optedGoverning Body19.01.1504.03.19 -03.03.23LearningInclusion, Pupil Premium, Early Years
Caroline LouthCo-optedGoverning Body19.01.1504.03.19 -03.03.23Resources, Performance Management and Salary ReviewFinance, Sports Premium,
Hilary ToulminCo-optedGoverning Body04.09.1904.09.19-03.09.23Learning CommitteeImproving outcomes in Reading, Website and communications with parents
V MotskinLA GovernorGoverning Body05.12.1904.12.23Learning Committee 
Pecuniary Register of GovernorsAttendance of Governors at Meetings