Indigo class


Welcome to Indigo class! There are 29 of us. Our class teacher is Ms Haiselden and our TA’s are Justyna and Sharon.

Our current topic question is ‘Did Martin Luther King’s dream come true?’ This topic has an Art, D&T, History, Music and Dance focus. The intention is that children will have an understanding of the social and cultural change of the 1960s. In Art, we will be making Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art. In D&T, we will be tie-dying t-shirts. In Music, we will be listening to 12 Bar Blues and protest songs. In dance, we will be performing the Jailhouse Rock.

We do outdoor PE on a Thursday, and indoor PE every Wednesday morning. The expectation is that everybody has their PE kit at school every day just in case we have a timetable change.

Homework in Year 5 will be given as a selection of tasks at the start of the half term, one of which needs to have been completed by every Wednesday and brought in to school. Books will be brought home again on Friday. We encourage everyone to become as independent as possible when it comes to completing and returning homework.