Indigo class

Welcome to Indigo class! There are 29 of us. Our class teacher is Ms Haiselden and our TA’s are Justyna and Sharon.

Our current topic question is, ‘Was the Victorian Era a Golden or a Dark Age for Cambridge?’ This topic has a History, Science and D&T focus. Children will be learning about the Victorian times, particularly in the context of Cambridge. We will also be working closely with Historyworks on a local history project. By the end of the project, children will be able to identify and explain similiarities and differences between Cambridge now and Victorian Cambridge. We will be doing this with the aid of maps; on our walking tour we will be looking at a Victorian map and relating it to what we can see around us today. We will also be noticing Victorian points of interest in the city centre.

By the end of the topic, children will have an understanding of how industry brought benefit to people’s lives in Victorian times, but how that industry also had darker implications to children and worker’s lives. We hope to round the topic off with a Victorian outing to Burwell museum.

We do outdoor PE on a Thursday, and indoor PE every Wednesday morning. The expectation is that everybody has their PE kit at school every day just in case we have a timetable change.

Homework in Year 5 will be given as a selection of tasks at the start of the half term, one of which needs to have been completed by every Wednesday and brought in to school. Books will be brought home again on Friday. We encourage everyone to become as independent as possible when it comes to completing and returning homework.