The Role of the Governing Body

The purpose of our governing body is to “conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school”.

Morley’s governing body has three core strategic functions:

1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff
3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Click here for more information on the roles and responsibilities of governors at Morley.

The structure of the Governing Body

The full governing body meets five or six times a year. In addition, sub-committees meet regularly to focus on specific issues. There are four sub-committees:

  • a Resources Committee which deals with finance, premises and personnel matters
  • a Learning Committee which deals with matters related to teaching, learning and behaviour
  • a Performance Management Committee which monitors the appraisal of staff and undertakes the appraisal of the head-teacher and
  • a Salary Review Committee that deals with issues around pay.

The 2017-2018 Annual Governance Statement can be found here.

Terms of Reference and Standing Orders

Governors adopted the following Terms of Reference for the Full Governing Body and its sub-committees:

Full Governing Body Terms of Reference 2019-2020

Resources Committee Terms of Reference 2019-2020

Learning Committee Terms of Reference 2019-2020

Performance Management Committee 2019-2020

Salary Review Committee Terms of Reference 2019-2020

Standing Orders for the academic year 2018-2019 can be found here.

Governor Code of Practice

On 8th October 2020, governors adopted this Code of Practice.

Minutes of Governing Body Meetings

Minutes 2020-2021

Full Governing Body

Minutes 8th October 2020

Minutes 3rd December 2020

Minutes 2019-2020

Full Governing BodyLearning CommitteeResources Committee
Minutes-3rd-October-2019Minutes 23rd September 2019Minutes 28 October 2019
Minutes 5 December 2019Minutes 24 January 2020Minutes 17 March 2020
Minutes 27th February 2020   Minutes 19th June 2020Minutes 5th May 2020
Minutes 7th May 2020 Minutes 30th June 2020
Minutes 9th July 2019  

Minutes 2018-2019

Full Governing BodyLearning CommitteeResources Committee

Minutes 8th October 2018

Minutes 22nd November 2018

Minutes 13th December 2018

Minutes 4th March 2019

Minutes 9th May 2019

Minutes 24th September 2018

Minutes 25th January 2019

Minutes 18th March 2019

Minutes 7th November 2018

Minutes 6th March 2019

Minutes 9th July 2019

Minutes 2017-2018

 Full Governing Body Learning Committee Resources Committee

Minutes 12th October 2017

Minutes 23rd November 2017

Strategy Day Minutes 31st January 2018

Minutes 22nd February 2018

Minutes 10th May 2018

Minutes 9th July 2018

Minutes 28th September 2017

Minutes 26th January 2018

Minutes 15th March 2018

Minutes 15th June 2018

Minutes 10th October 2017

Minutes 14th November 2017

Minutes 8th February 2018

Minutes 8th March 2018

Minutes 3rd May 2018

Minutes 3rd July 2018

Minutes 2016-2017

Full Governing BodyLearning CommitteeResources Committee

Minutes 17th October 2016

Minutes 8th December 2016

Minutes 20th March 2017

Minutes 8th May 2017

Minutes 6th July 2017

Minutes 26th September 2016

Minutes 10th November 2016

Minutes 23rd February 2017

Minutes 8th June 2017

Minutes 6th October 2016

Minutes 1st December 2016

Minutes 9th March 2017

Minutes 4th May 2017

Minutes 11th July 2017

Minutes 2015-2016

Full Governing BodyLearning CommitteeResources Committee

Minutes 1 October 2015

Minutes 16 November 2015

Minutes 8 February 2016

Minutes 12th May 2016

Minutes of 13th July 2016

Minutes 5 October 2015

Minutes 4th February 2016

Minutes 16th June 2016

Minutes 21 Oct 2015

Minutes 8 December 2015

Minutes 15 March 2016

Minutes 3rd May 2016

Minutes 5th July 2016

Minutes 2014-2015

Full Governing BodyLearning CommitteeResources Committee

Minutes 18 September 2014

Minutes 20 October 2014

Minutes 17 November 2014

Minutes 19 January 2015

Minutes 10 February 2015

Minutes 13 July 2015

Minutes 15 December 2014

Minutes 26 January 2015

Minutes 11 May 2015

Minutes 29 June 2015

Minutes 14th October 2014

Minutes 9 December 2014

Minutes 10 February 2015

Minutes 24 March 2015

Minutes 5 May 2015

Full Governing Body Minutes 2013-2014

Full Governing Body

Minutes 30 September 2013

Minutes 9 December 2013

Minutes 31 March 2014

Minutes 14 July 2014