Gold Class

Welcome to Gold Class!

Gold Class is a Reception class of 30 pupils. Our teachers are Mrs Kamanyire and Ms Del Corso and our Teaching Assistants are Jeannette and Eszter.

Protectors of the Planet

This half term we are Protectors of the Planet, helping Captain Planet with his weekly Mission!

Captain Planet came in at the beginning of the first week and requested our help with recycling. He will be visiting us each week to see how we have got on with the previous week’s challenge and set us a new one. We have designed lots of useful posters with tips to help Protect the Planet, heed our warning! In the coming weeks we will be investigating our Garden and are hoping to meet our tiny neighbours. We will be taking care of these minibeasts and observing them in their habitats.

As the weather improves the children will need protection from the sun including; sun hats, suncream and covered shoulders.

We are working on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. This Phase will cover words with adjacent consonants such as start or brush. By the time half term arrives we hope to be very good at blending to read words with 2 and maybe even 3 syllables!

Our Mathematics work will be linked to our ‘Protectors of the Planet’ topic including measuring capacity and shopping at our class garden centre.

P.E. lessons will continue to take place on Tuesday mornings.

Elvis the Elephant is a very important member of Gold Class. He visits the children at weekends and records his adventures in a diary. Elvis loves sharing and reading books. Why not read your favourite book to Elvis and tell us about it on Monday when Elvis returns to school.