Early Years

Welcome to Early Years!

In Early Years we have two classes (Gold Class and Silver Class), who work and play together.

Gold Class is a Reception class of 30 incredible children led by Ms Del Corso and Silver Class is a Reception class of 30 equally incredible children led by Ms Dil-Afuz. We have a great team of teaching assistants in Early Years: Ms Catchpool, Ms Green, Ms Chapman, Ms Kladi and Mrs Simpson. We work hard together to build a happy and engaging learning environment for everybody to thrive in and to have the best possible start to their exciting school learning journey.

Our topic for the Spring 2 term is Jack and the Beanstalk and the topic will be all about our favourite and well known traditional tales. We will also investigate what plants need grow and how they change over time. Hopefully we get a chance to plant our very own bean stalk and document how it grows. 

In Spring 2 we will consolidate the Phase 3 phonemes we have already learnt and commence Phase 4 of Phonics which includes learning to read and write CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant consonant) and CCVC words. With a number of phonemes under our belt and the use of a sound mat we can now start writing more complex sentences and our own stories.


General Information

You will receive weekly newsletters through Parent Mail outlining what we have covered during the week and how you can support children with consolidating their learning. Further information about the Early Years Curriculum will follow, once the children are settled into their new environment.

P.E. lessons will usually take place on Wednesdays mornings, and will either be outdoors or indoors, weather dependent. Children should come to school on Wednesdays dressed in their PE kit. PE kit consists of: navy blue shorts, white t-shirt, navy blue tracksuit, velcro strap trainers or plimsolls and socks. Remember to name all clothing clearly. Under the current circumstances PE will predominantly be outside so please ensure your child has a complete kit with a tracksuit for colder days.

Children have a fruit snack and milk every day (the milk is available through Cool Milk and free for all children up until the age of 5, after which you will be asked if you wish to continue and contribute to the cost. Children should bring in their own water bottles to school and take them home daily to be cleaned.

If you have any questions about school, please contact the Office by phone, email, in person (when possible) or come and find us!


Useful Information

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