Silver class

Welcome to Silver class!

Silver Class is a Reception class of 30 pupils. Our teacher is Mrs Ward and our Teaching Assistants are Beth, Jeannette, Eszter and Anna.

Adventures on the High Seas

This half term we are going on an adventure on the high seas!

Blackbeard, the terrifying Pirate, has stolen a precious item from our Class Museum and we want it back! We will send messages in bottles to Blackbeard and hope he replies!

We are training to be good pirates and learning about pirate life. We have been investigating floating and sinking. First we predicted what would happen, and then we placed different objects in the water and recorded the results. Soon we will be designing and making our own boat, hopefully they will float. In Maths we will learn how to be kind pirates by sharing our stash of treasure equally between the crew and counting our coins. We use all of our knowledge about pirate life to write our own pirate stories with a beginning, middle and an end.

We are getting excited about moving onto Year 1. As part of our transition project we will be spending time in the Year 1 classrooms, having playtime with KS1 and meeting our new teacher in our new classroom.

Have a go at this fun phonics pirate game – we love playing this in Phonics!

P.E. lessons will continue to take place on Tuesday mornings.

Betty Bear is a very important member of Silver Class. She visits the children at weekends and records her adventures in a diary. Betty loves sharing and reading books. Why not read your favourite book to Betty and tell us about it on Monday when Betty returns to school.