Scarlet class


 Welcome to Scarlet Class!

Scarlet Class is a Year 1 class of 30 pupils taught by Ms Proctor Monday to Wednesday and Ms Yarnell Thursday and Friday. We have a fantastic teaching assistant called Kerri who helps to support the learning in Scarlet Class throughout the week.

Our new topic for this term is ‘Marvellous Machines’, with a strong focus on the skills of design and technology and art. Our key question is: ‘What is a machine?’


’In this unit, the children will learn about a variety of machines. They will explore and evaluate a range of products, identifying how machines help us and some of the mechanisms used. The children will learn the function of a lever and will have the opportunity to build their own machines, incorporating a lever.


To achieve this the children will use what they have learnt to design a robot, individually drawing and labeling their ideas. Following this, they will share their designs with their classmates and form teams who work together to create a robot with a moving lever, drawing on their original ideas.


Also within this topic, the children will learn about different artists, craft makers and designers, focusing on Clayton Bailey, to help them understand the design process, the techniques and tools for cutting, shaping, joining and finishing a product.


Initially in English we will continue to explore non-fiction texts and their features. The children will make their own information pages about machines with which they are familiar, such as skateboards, bicycles and scooters. They will then explore forms of poetry in order to create their own machine poems. Finally they will be introduced to the key aspects of report writing, by writing their own weather reports.


Our role play will be based on a Mechanic’s Workshop where we will be learning how simple machines work, designing our own and attempting to mend broken machines.

Scarlet class is a wonderful, colourful, happy classroom for us to learn in. We have a comfy reading area, a role play, and a large carpet space with an accessible interactive white board. We also get the opportunity to work in our outside space. We work in several different groups throughout the week and have a new talk partner regularly so that everybody gets the opportunity to work with a variety of classmates.


In Scarlet class as we love reading and we try to read as much as possible. We encourage parents to read regularly with their children and to record this in their reading record book. Each child has a banded book and this can be changed as often as necessary before or after school, the books are kept on the window sill in the classroom, but just one book at a time please. We expect children to bring their book bags to school every day as they are also good for transporting letters home.


Our PE days are Wednesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor); however we like PE kits to remain in school throughout the half term so we can take advantage of opportunities on other days.

We also have 2 twin well-travelled friends in Scarlet Class called Bernard and Barnaby Bear. They have been to many different countries and places around the world, and are always looking for a new adventure. Bernard and Barnaby both take turns to go home with  different children for the weekend and while they stay with them, the children complete diaries to then share with the rest of the class on Thursday. Please bring them back into school by Wednesday at the latest.

Image result for barnaby bear  

In Scarlet class, we try hard to be good friends and help each other learn. On the first day, we created our class rules these are displayed and remind us how to behave in our classroom so that everyone can be happy, safe and learn!

On Mondays, Scarlet class gets time to explore and enjoy the school library and its numerous books. In this session children can choose 1 book to borrow from the library and this book can be returned at any time throughout the week to the class teacher or TA. These library books have a small barcode on the inside of the front cover.

We are really excited to be in Scarlet class and are ready to learn and try our best!