Ruby class

 Welcome to Ruby Class!


Ruby Class is made up of thirty curious and enthusiastic children taught by Mrs Remington Davidson and our fantastic teaching assistants, Ms Claire Pulley and Ms Amanda Cooper. We said goodbye to our brilliant trainee teacher, Miss Lewis, in June. The children can tell you all about our exciting curriculum but you can find an overview and some useful information below…

This Half Term… Have you heard the ocean roar?


For the final half term of the year, our ‘Ocean Adventure’ topic will have a geographical focus as we learn about the oceans and continents. We start with the great story, ‘The Snail and the Whale’, and continue with a friendly lighthouse keeper, and a real-life heroine of the high seas.  We will be taking a close look at shells and will develop our art skills. We will continue with our work on Sikhism in RE and consider the ‘big question’: ‘Do we have to be the same to belong?’ We will focus on athletics in PE in preparation for Sports Day at the end of the half term.

There is a lot to learn and practise as we get ready for the move to Year 3 and we are sure we will have lots of fun finding out more on our ‘Ocean Adventure’.


As an island nation it is important that we are aware of water safety; we are lucky to have the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) to protect us when we are at the coast. Why not explore the website they have for children: Shore Thing?

Please be aware that these are external websites and not associated with Morley Memorial Primary School.



Last half term…  Would you rather be a bear or a butterfly?

In the first half of the summer term, we learnt about plants, animals and their habitats. We had a great day making our own arthropods. Some even had special features such as shooting slime, flapping wings and jointed legs. At Wicken Fen, we found some real life minibeasts. We also explored the amazing world of the microscope, thanks to the fabulous team from the Gurdon Institute, who gave their time and equipment freely to work with us.


Revise your learning about health and the body at these websites:    (BBC interactive game and quiz)   (helping out at the animal hospital game)


Or try out these creepy-crawly pages – remember to stay safe online!

(BBC interactive game and quiz)

(build a bug then get it across the swamp safely)

(an American site where you can make a bug from a bank of body parts)

(information on the amazing world of arthropods)


Please be aware that these are external websites and not associated with Morley Memorial Primary School.



Children will be taking end of Key Stage tests during May.  Take a look at the powerpoint shared with parents at the information session in March, or watch the short clip by Micheal Tidd (Deputy Headteacher from Nottinghamshire & blogger on Primary Assessment).

A busy year so far…

Plague and Fire!

Alongside our core learning in English and Maths, in the Autumn term we worked on topics with a History and Science focus.

We found out about the London Plague of 1665 before moving on to answer the question ‘Who Burnt the Bread?’ As part of our learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666, we took a trip to London to see the sights and historical locations of the Fire around the Tower of London and the Monument. This brought our learning to life as we walked in the footsteps of Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys whose famous diary is now kept in Pepys’ Library in Magdalene College, Cambridge


We wrote our own recounts and diary entries as well as following instructions to make our own bread. The children’s plaited loaves were much more impressive than Thomas Farriner’s burnt rolls! We also built model fire engines with moving parts and working wheels as part of our Design and Technology project. Ruby class demonstrated excellent teamwork and problem-solving as they edited their designs to overcome any issues they faced along the way. Some of the finished projects can be seen on display around school.

Why not have a look at the activity about the Fire designed by the Museum of London and see how much you can remember about our topic?

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What is up?

After Half Term, as the nights grew longer, we looked skywards into the night to learn about flight and space through fiction and non-fiction texts, writing explanations and stories. We learnt about some of the great explorers of the skies such as Amy Johnson and Neil Armstrong.



We also learnt about some of the different religious festivals that take place in the autumn and winter: Harvest festival, Sukkot, Diwali and Christmas with a visit to our local church to learn about how some Christians prepare for Christmas during Advent. Our Christmas performance ‘Babouska and the Long Journey’ was a great success and Ruby class loved reading ‘Ramayana: Divine Loophole’ to find out more about why Hindus celebrate Diwali.



Is there a twist in the tale?

Our Spring term topic had an English and Geography focus. We learnt about traditional story characters: telling, reading and writing some alternative versions of well-known stories. There is almost always a twist in the tale! We used our geography skills to map the story trail and create our own story maps, as well as going on fantastic journeys in art.  During the second half of the Spring term we begun to think about humans and other animals and how to stay healthy.  In Maths, we have been working on multiplication, division and fractions, so keep practising those times tables!

Throughout the term in PE we developed our hockey skills outside. In RE we learnt about Jesus as a teacher and leader, asking our ‘big question’: ‘how can a storyteller change the world?’  We also considered the Easter story and its importance to Christians. 

Can you remember the stories you liked best when you were little? Do you or your families know any stories from other times or cultures? These websites might help to get you started…   (a mixture of stories to listen to and watch)  (stories in different languages)

Please be aware that these are external websites and not associated with Morley Memorial Primary School.

General Information

Book-bags should be brought into school every day: we encourage children to be as independent as possible and to remember their book-bag for themselves. We hear children read in weekly Guided Reading sessions, and individually at other times.  Children are encouraged to change their books regularly for themselves or with parent/carer help.


Our PE days are on Wednesdays (outdoor) and Fridays (indoor). A PE kit consists of: T-shirt, shorts, long sleeved top and jogging bottoms, spare socks, trainers or plimsolls.  Long hair must be tied back and no jewellery please.  Please leave PE kits in school (unless it needs washing of course!) so that we can be flexible with our timetable if we need to be.  If your child does not have the correct PE Kit they will not be able to participate actively in that session, so please help by ensuring the kit is in school.  We do send a reminder slip home if your child does not have the correct PE kit, as verbal messages via child-mail often don’t get through!

PE lesson pic


Children will need to provide a named water bottle which should be brought into school daily; it will be returned daily for cleaning. This should be filled every morning in school.  The class tap is drinking water.

water bottle

Children visit the school library most weeks. Our Library Day is Monday. Children are given the opportunity to choose and borrow a book in addition to the class readers.  Children can change their library book weekly or keep a book for a little longer.  We want all the children to have access to school library books so if library books are not returned we ask for a contribution towards its replacement.


Homework will usually be sent home on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Tuesday. There will be a curriculum related task and some handwriting to practise.  We also send home word lists which follow the pattern we are learning in class Phonics lessons, and are for you to practise spelling at home. There will be times when homework is a research task, learning a poem or other practical task.  Please record a note in the homework book giving an indicator of how your child found the homework.  More detailed information is available in the Home Learning Policy which can be found in the ‘Our School’ section of the website.  If you have any further questions or concerns about the homework, please come in and talk to us.


Some parents/carers send in sweets or cakes to share on a child’s birthday. Considering our Healthy School status, if you did want to send in a treat, you may wish to consider a book, game or fruit alternative to sugary snacks.  Please remember there is no obligation to send in birthday treats of any kind!


Do you have time to spare or skills to share? Or BOTH?

We welcome volunteers either regularly or as a one-off visit connected with the curriculum. You may like to come and help in class with group work, regular reading, or on days when we need extra adult help such as Design and Technology Days.  We also need parent/carers to help when we go out of school on class trips, locally or further afield.   Please contact us if you are able to offer some of your time.