Jade class

Welcome to Jade Class!

Jade is a brilliant Year 4 class taught by Mr Hill, with the help of our excellent TA Ben.

This year we are going to have many adventures to help us learn, travelling through Africa, Antarctica, and even the human body!

The Anglo-Saxons

In Spring Term, Year 4 will be learning about Anglo-Saxon life, language and art. Our focus for this term is History and Art, in which we will be learning about Anglo-Saxon settlements, Alfred the Great and illuminated letters!


In English, we will be looking at stories with historical settings, focusing on the Anglo- Saxon story of Beowulf and his slaying of the monster Grendel. We will be looking at the language used to create setting and character descriptions, and will eventually be writing our own Anglo-Saxon stories. After half-term, we will be learning about different forms of poetry, including ‘Kennings’.

In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of written methods for all four operations whilst continuing to use mental methods to solve problems. We will also be recognising and comparing acute, right and obtuse angles, identifying perpendicular and parallel lines and learning all about the properties of 2D shapes.

In Science we will be learning about sound, exploring the relationship between vibrations and pitch and distance and volume. After half-term, we will be using our knowledge of sound to build our own instruments.

In Art, we will be using watercolours to produce our own beautiful illuminated letters, focusing on mixing and shading. After half-term, we will be using our designs to create our own illuminated letter prints.


For outdoor P.E., we will be continuing our work on field hockey, and will be starting Outdoor Adventurous Activities which will include a range of team building games.

Indoor P.E. will consist of weekly swimming lessons at Abbey Pool. These will be on Wednesday mornings.

Here are some websites that you may want to have a look at to find out more about Anglo-Saxon life:



We are looking forward to a very exciting term!


This year, there is a  Homework Menu from which children can choose a Maths and English task to complete each week. The children can decide which one they would prefer to do that week, and they can be done in any order. The children will also receive weekly spelling homework.

Homework is given out on a Thursday, and is due back on a Tuesday.


Outdoor P.E takes place on Tuesday Morning and Indoor P.E on Wednesday mornings.


French lessons take place every Thursday.