Year 4 feel their way to success!

Last week we smelt our way through our learning and this week we have felt it!  As part of our work on senses, we have been thinking about touch.  Did you know that there are over 100 touch receptors in our fingertips?  We tested this out by putting our hands into the unknown!  We were presented with a series of boxes, which concealed all sorts of hidden treasures.  We had to use our touch receptors to describe what was inside, and even though we felt everyday objects, it was fascinating to see what our brains told us we were feeling – for instance, who would think that grapes cut in half would feel like skin?  Or that dirt and pebbles would feel like chocolate?

We hope you enjoy our reaction photos as much as we enjoyed putting our hands in the boxes!Ramisa Reaction (1) Sammy and Phoebe Veronica Reaction (1)