Industrial Action July 5th 2016

Due to industrial action the following classes are likely be closed on Tuesday 5th July.

Y6 – Violet Class

Y6 – Lilac Class

Y5- Amethyst Class

Y4- Jade Class

Y4- Sapphire Class

Y2- Burgundy Class

Y1 – Scarlet Class

If your child is in one of the above classes please do not send them to school as there will be no provision.

This information will be updated as we receive further information. Please check the website before sending your child to school on Tuesday morning.

Mr Wolf found Guilty

This week, in a ground-breaking judgement, Year 2 found that Mr BB Wolf was indeed guilty!  Following an exploration of the book ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ children prepared spoken presentations.  They then argued either for the Wolf’s innocence or guilt in front of Pupil Barrister Mr Walters, from Fenners Chambers.  Witnesses were called to give evidence for the children’s opinions, including Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Wolf (from the book ‘The Big Bad Pig and the Three Little Wolves’) the Wood Cutter and the Third Little Pig.  After all arguments were heard, it was felt that the evidence was overwhelming and that Mr Wolf should stay behind bars for a very long time.  Mr Walters stayed to answer questions (yes, the courts are full of bad people) and to give his tips for speaking in front of an audience (be loud, clear and speak slowly so that everyone can follow what you are saying).  It was great to have focus for the children’s work in this crucial area of the English curriculum.  We are very grateful to Mr Walters for being such a good sport, and to Fenners Chambers for releasing him during the working day.