Year 5

Year 5

Indigo class are taught by Mrs Remington Davidson and Amethyst are taught by Mr Hill. Both classes are assisted by Miss Camper.

Year 5s should arrive at 8.50 and be collected at 3.05. Year 5 children can walk home alone if they have written permission from their parents or carers.

Both classes’ PE day is Monday – please arrive at school in your named PE kit. This term we have only one PE day.

Lost in Space

This term we’re tackling the big question ‘Is space exploration a waste of resources?’ We have begun our work on space with a ‘Wow Day’ where we advised the UK Space Agency on which worlds should be explored next!

Which planet, dwarf planet or moon do you think should be explored next?

How does the Earth move?

Why does the Earth have seasons?

Why does the Moon appear to change shape in the night sky?

Shakespeare Schools’ Foundation

We have been working hard on our films for the SSF Shakespeare Schools’ Festival and shared our productions via the Google Classroom. Thank you for your kind feedback!

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